This test shows the cold flow dynamics of the motor oil.

4. Amsoil vs Mobil 1 Synthetic.

For example, a 1-gallon bottle of Motul costs around $40, while a 1-gallon bottle of Amsoil costs around $80.

As per the viscosity grades, these engine oils are.

Also interesting that they use one measurement in F and one in C but they’re basically the same number. amsoil. .


The company recommended the update for all users, and it applied some important security fixes to. Jan 21, 2005 · As far as the oil goes, I used the Mobil 1 in the Cummins because it takes 12 quarts and the Mobil 1 was the least expensive. Each high end full synthetic oil has a claim.

Amsoil and Mobil 1 have long been identified as being quality oils. .

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A lot of video tests state the Mobil 1 Extended burns off a lot faster then their regular synthetic version does, and it barely meets some specs in the rating system. .

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Jun 20, 2010 · AMSOIL European 100% Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil is 229.


Amsoil oil comes with only 100% synthetic.

. Note the test results on your left. 6L - second run of HPL 5w-20 - 12,000 miles on oil - filter pictures at 5,000 mile change interval run from 147,000 - 152,000 miles.

$95 at Amazon. Amsoil and Mobil 1 have long been identified as being quality oils. They do offer a 25% discount and free shipping if you become a "preferred customer," which costs $20 per year, or $10 for 6 months. 1 (a), on May 1. . 0 mg of deposits.

I used to use AmsOil in everything and still would if the price didn't skyrocket over the last several years.

The Amsoil came in at about $1 a quart more than the Mobil 1. Amsoil temperature range from -40 to 371.

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Your dilemma illustrate the one problem with Amsoil and that is availability.

1 (a), on May 1.