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Dial the code *#06#. .

Jan 15, 2023 · To perform this check, you will need your iPhone’s serial number.


. 4. Enter a serial number to review your eligibility for support and extended coverage.

Open the case.

Import the PowerShell module on the agent machine: PowerShell. One of the most reliable websites for checking iPhone serial numbers is trackimei. Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant.

Open the dialer on the phone. May 19, 2023 · Apple released its first iPhone Rapid Security Response update, called iOS 16.

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Then take a close look at the light’s reflection on the screen. While this usually appears as a notification on the Lock Screen, you can also go to Settings >.

It is also important to ensure that you use genuine Apple parts and. .

It is more of a professional way to test if the cable you’re using for charging your iPhone is apple MFi certified or not.
Aug 29, 2017 · The trademark and text written on the back of a genuine iPhone would always be at the most bottom near to the lining.

; If the model number starts with F, it was refurbished by Apple or a carrier.

Nov 1, 2022 · To check if your iPhone was refurbished, open the Settings app and go to General > About.

You can mirror and record Android and iPhone screen on Windows 11 PC using Phone Link. Import the PowerShell module on the. The phone works, checking the serial number it looks new and the warranty started today.

Mar 3, 2021 · Shine a Torch or Flashlight on the Screen. Then take a close look at the light’s reflection on the screen. Manage two-factor authentication for your Apple ID from iPhone. You can easily find the serial number of your Apple iPhone 13 by going to Settings > General > About > Serial Number. Reply. .

Check out the Apple Logo.

Based on the model number, that is a india version of the iPhone, it is normal that the box labels can be different to other versions of the iPhone. .




Open the dialer on the phone.

( Apple iPad/ Watch/ Airpods/ iPhone/ Mac Serial Number Lookup ).