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In rank order I let you know which is the best to grind in 2023.

. 7 with 4 Pythons, the Netz should be able to carry only 4 Pythons and it doesn´t have BVR it would be great if. .

Best premium jet is probably the F-5C if you’re good at high tier jets and the A-5C if you’re not.

. The shark mouth adds to the personality of the aircraft. .

. Russia.

Besides that, there are also defensive gunners that will fend off other fighters.


Japan - Pretty much the best nation when i comes to Turn Fighting with the Zero line, while the Ki tree is focussed in a mix between Boom and Zoom and Energy. .

It’s great against ground targets and great in dog fights. .


War Thunder beginner’s guide: the best tier 1 planes.


. Mig 15 vs F86s and F9F, F8E/F5C vs Mig21SMT, Phantom vs Migs,. .

The Germans get the Cl-13s. It can be intimidating for a beginner but don't worry, the choice is fa. . 56. Effectively this perpetuates Germany's standing as the most balanced SPAA nation. .

Answer (1 of 4): I personally believe there are 3 nations one should begin with, since they are historically known for very good tanks and are the most popular in the game I no specific order: Germany: The German tech tree receives a lot of hate, the reasons vary but the community overall beli.

It is simple to set up the artillery in this. 3, RB – 6.

The tomcat is a long range missile truck.


#3 – Germany (Best for speed and maneuverability).

But with the russian planes their strengths is being a jack of all trades.

56 is one of the best mid-tier aircraft in War Thunder, and is a huge crow favorite.