It's Ruby Rose's birthday, so a strange, powerful fan of the girls decided to give Ruby a gift in the form of allowing Ruby herself, her team, her.

"That was amazing," Nora said.

Better yet, she was The Gamer. At the same time, the writer has gone to great lengths to keep things balanced and interesting by having a plot revolving around mystery and politics, and lots of cool action with smart opponents.


RWBY MCU | Winter Schnee Ruby Rose Yang Xiao Long Blake Belladonna Weiss Schnee Qrow Branwen.

Prisoners of destiny and seekers of destiny. One: She was a lovable, excitable, slightly klutzy girl with an adorable smile. .

So if Cinder was smart enough to not use her powers at all when Ruby's around, she'd be fine.

"I wish I could have seen that in person," Ruby said. . Redemption.

Self-Hatred. 1.


Ten months ago, Team RWBY vanished off the face of Remnant while investigating a strange meteorite.

. There wasn’t anywhere she could get coffee at this hour and she was quickly running out.

"That must have looked insane," Jaune added. "Harry's seriously got some skills," Yang agreed.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - [Blake B.
Two: She was smarter than most people assumed.



Don't worry. There have been legends. She even earned the love from Weiss S.

At the same time, all means of communication show a strange logo, a red hat, and a mask with one side on fire. Ruby Rose is a 15 year old girl that got into beacon 2 years early by the recommendation of Ozpin. May 16, 2023 · RWBY: The Joker Card By: Grand Chaos Master. She hated the current. Sure, he's powerful, but he's the weakest of his siblings and his beyond the one time he went berserk, he's not really stellar, and even then Ruby shut him down with her eyes rather quickly. In this story, Ruby is a Reaper blending in with the strange humans.

Ruby the mandalorianby Icypanzer.

Jan 5, 2017 · Cardin went after Ruby with his mace, only for her to disappear in a cloud of rose petals. .


Ruby sat in the library long after the rest of her team had left.

In this story, Ruby is a Reaper blending in with the strange humans.


A declaration of war that attracts the attention of all those in power.